The 110 Society

The 110 Society, or “The One Ten” is a performance entity created to engage the different kinds of conspiracy-based, quiet blood sport and theater found in contemporary “grass roots” politics. This collection of persons, places and things making up the 110 Society plays an important role my film and performance project Masks in the Sun.

The One Ten is made up of film, photography and mixed media works. Its related images and materials are also present in other pieces.

[In the following excerpt from the screenplay a character named Gabriel Grab speaks to an interviewer who no one sees or hears, but who is revealed to be the director of a documentary film in which Gabriel is giving a kind testimonial about another character.]

Scene 10C : Masks in the Sun

Gabriel Grab

Jean “explained” the 110 Society to me, if that what you can call it because, like I said, he thought I was a PART of it, by first telling me that in just about every community, all across the country–and he’d heard that since the war it’d been in Germany and Japan too, but that was supposedly ANOTHER story, HE said–but, whatever, he said that every community possessed some version or another of a special, OFFICIAL, printed copy of an old book written by George Washington.

Yes, and although he didn’t know the exact TITLE of the book, I found out later there IS actually a book.

Yes, and it’s called Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation, and THAT’S what he was talking about.

Okay, so, he said that IN these OFFICIAL copies of that book, and I’m not sure if the official copies are any different from the ones you can easily buy yourself, okay, but in there are a hundred and ten RULES that the 110 Society members follow.

When I asked if he could NAME any of the rules of civility, he said he couldn’t really CITE any of them just then, but they weren’t hard to find referred to here and there.

Jean said these rules went by different names. He had heard them called “The GW One Hundred and Ten,” or “The One Hundred Ten,” but most people, he THOUGHT, just called them and the society itself “The One Ten.”

Now that I think of it, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my time with Jean since what HAPPENED, I THINK I was having a hard time controlling the look on my face when I was with him.

I remember more than once during our conversations, as if he’d forgotten he’d done it so many times ALREADY, he’d sort of look at me in an odd way and say something like “Is that look you’re giving me because you don’t understand, or because you think I’m crazy?”

Then he’d pause and say that he didn’t CARE, REALLY.

Under the Fountain Montage 
Graphite, Photomontage and Video
45 seconds


George Washington’s 110 Rules


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