St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel is an indeterminate, real world performance space.

As in much of Drew Walker’s work, it is a person, place and thing at the same time, collapsed into one center of gravity. In addition to its many personas and characters, it is also the home the Nound Spirits.


According to the US-Michigan Coalition splinter group known as the Célenists, the city of St. Gabriel was the “original capital” of the Autonomous Province of Michigan, only later succeeded by Detroit. Célenists describe St. Gabriel as being buried under layers of what they refer to as “sendiment” (sentimental sediment) and its “archaeological rediscovery” as having been initiated by writer Louis Ferdinand Céline during his travels in Michigan in 1925-26.

During the 1960s a group of Célenists named the Michigan Avenue Art Collective (MAAC) attempted to appropriate and reestablish St. Gabriel as the capital city of the Autonomous Province. This group’s headquarters, for a while a memorial site and now a parking lot, became a flashpoint in 1967 beginning a period named “The Troubles.”

One of the pushes of MAAC in St. Gabriel was the transformation of street names, hoping not just to honor persons, places and things, but to inspire imaginations of visitors .

These streets, long buried under layers of sendiment are still in the process of excavation.

There will be expanding tour of these streets as they are uncovered and analyzed.

Rue d’Angola
Avenue Antonin Artaud
Avenue d’Autonomie
Aster Avenue
Rue d’Avignon
Bark St.
Rue Baudelaire
Rue Baluschek
Rue Samuel Beckett
Rue Biafra
Boonstra St.
Avenue Bertolt Brecht
Cahokia Lane
Communication St.
Rue de Calakmul
Rue Cadillac
Cannon St.
Cattle St.
Centennial Drive
Colony St.
Rue de Commerce
Commodity St.
Coyote St.
Craft St.
Driver St.
Deer Path Lane
Rue des Djinns
Dresden St.
Avenue V. Duluoz
Engine St.
Egg Street
Rue Ek-Balam
Rue d’Engel
Rue des Erables
Rue des Femmes
Factory St.
Rue Charles Fourier
Franklin St.
Grinsen St.
Gun St.
Rue Théophile Gautier
Grand St.
Avenue H.C.E.
Rue des Hommes
Rue d’Identité
Karl St.
Kimball St.
Kingston St.
Avenue Lafayette
Lamb St.
Avenue Lautreamont
Rue Leopold
Liable Lane
Liberty St.
Linden St.
Rue de Linwood
Rue de Lowell
Lucky Drive
Macheath St.
Rue Jacob Marley
Match St.
Mathematics St.
Michigan Avenue
Avenue des Naguals
Ontario St.
Parade St.
Rue de Plurabelle
Park St.
Avenue Francis Picabia
Red Lake Drive
Rue Diego Rivera
Robeson St.
Avenue Savigny
Rue Steuben
Avenue Sophie Taeuber
William Tell St.
Avenue de Tocqueville
Thompson St.
Tire Street
K. Trout St.
Underground Way
Vogel St.
Wernher St.
Walker St.
Washington St.
Whitman St.
Rue Williams
Yearly St.
Avenue Émile Zola