Pinka – Spirit of the Landwehrkanal

Pinka is a minor angel of history, heroes, and martyrs. She is the patron saint of Romanticism, Pietism, and Symbolism.

Pinka’s voice has only once been recorded.




Pinka Poem 

As she speaks, Pinka gestures.

And when she does not speak

she plays with pink buttons

spilling all around her

as she gives them out

and leaves them here and there

She steals them from clothing,

And takes back what she’s given.

She’s ostentatious,


and decorative.

She’s always observant

of hidden motives and

secreted affinities

she knows the behavior of swine,

and of knights,

and riders

She probes for their fetishes


and out.

She speaks in incantations

Her tastes like wishes

“That I had this one,”


“That I see you again.”

She’s in some sense likeable, but…

she’s been fed to the wolves

and being somewhat likeable

has become their friend.

She’ll ask if you like something.

And if you say yes

She’ll say “So then you resent it.”

And when you say

you wouldn’t say that

She’ll take this as a “Yes.”

Or she’ll as if you like something

And when you say you do

She say that you resemble it

And when you act confused

She’ll kill

and bury you

In persons, places and things

only she knows.


Es schwimmt eine Leiche im Landwehrkanal