Nound Spirits 

The Nound Spirits wander through the ruins all our own. They can sometimes be seen out of the corners of our eyes, in the streets, out windows on dark sidewalks, in the rear views of cars. Nound Spirit devotion is the way all are compelled to engage with society and the State. Because their ways are so difficult to understand, vexing and disheartening, the wages of vanity (futility, arrogance, excessive pride in children, cheap fashion and consumerism) risk getting shifted to 110 Society conspiracy talk.

Here, enmeshed with the place that David LarsonJohn Birken and I returned to throw ourselves away for the State, we ended up (and maybe not by chance) finding the Prussian Room and its portals. Not unlike a set of characters from a Baroque tragic drama, I am making a federal case out of all I am seeing, including our travels through these portals, making a big song and dance about local people in their quaint settings in my home known as the world occupied by whatever goes on in motel rooms.

The chief Nound Spirits are:

The Schweinriter, a nobleman, part writer and part pig. The figure alluded to by playwright and madman philosopher Antonin Artaud when he decried all writers to be pigs.

Pinka, a drowned figure of pink exploitation, Pietist socialism, and not-so-clever variations on the documentary film genre.

KAHT, strange old spirit of a Kaliningrad adulthood, self-awareness of the real world, patron saint of the wandering woman Eva Virtannen, one of the portal locations of the Prussian Room, a demonic force – feeding upon self- serving European-American dreams.