The State: A User’s Guide
(Mixed and Multi-Media)

The State: A User’s Guide is an ongoing series of mixed media pieces comes together with a novel-length story in a building mystery involving global intrigue, disappearance, secrets of mass human sacrifice, and the personal toll of conscience. These pieces are scheduled to be released in serial form throughout 2018. The film Scenes of a Gravedigger with its related story will be released along with them.


Scenes of a Gravedigger
(Writing, Filmmaking, Performance)

Scheduled for release in 2018, Scenes of a Gravedigger involves a tale of a struggle between a small-town cemetery groundskeeper and a dead man he helped bury.

It is a feature length film depicting persons, places and things also appearing Masks in the Sun (2011-2013), The Ruins All Our Own (2014-Present), and The State: A Users Guide (2016-2018) above.


Mixed Media (Film)


Mixed Media (Paint and Objects)