Marla Larson

Under the Fountain | Marla  (2016)
Acrylic, Graphite and Photomontage on Paper
18 x 14 in (46 x 35.5 cm)

Marla Larson is a documentary subject and character in Masks in the SunShe is the wife of Judge Tom Larson and the mother of Major David Larson.

Along with Mike Brannigan and Pam Welles, Marla is writing a play based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  While they are writing the play and begin rehearsing finished scenes a documentary filmmaker named Doug Walters is making a film of their activities. As events unfold, this documentary transforms into a feature film telling a story of small town intrigue involving Marla’s husband Tom, a local attorney named Jack Welles, and Mike Brannigan’s soon-to-be ex-wife Lisa Birken Brannigan.