Jean “John” Birken

Jean B. – Driver
Graphite, Acrylic and Digital Photomontage on Paper (2016)
36 x 20 in  (91.5 x 51.5 cm)

Jean “John” Birken is one of the main documentary subjects and characters in Masks in the Sun. He is the son of Frank and Evelyn Birken, the cousin of Lisa Birken Brannigan, and the father of Cody Birken.

In addition to his work for defense contractor Curtis | Jacobsen | Lamb (or CJL), he is also doing investigative work for Marla Larson, the wife of local Judge Tom Larson.

Meanwhile, he is also involved in an investigation within the Defense Department involving a group he has been spying on named the RMUS Militia as well as his own military contracting company.

In both Scenes of a Gravedigger and The State: A User’s Guide, Jean Birken and his son Cody are found dead in an apparent case of murder-suicide triggered by a child custody dispute.