(pronounced “aye”)


persona with limited liability

a kind of purposeful mistake in grammar

a game by the Syncretic Beings Labs 


Variants are:

I(nc.)      (pronounced “aye”)

G.mbH   (pronounced “aye” or, in German, “iech”)

mwe        (pronounced “mee” or “wee”)

mwichruns  (pronounced in German as “miech,” “mier,” “wier,” or “yns”)



While some use the terms like “sey,” “ieyu or “zihm,” I do not think it is right to point out  that someone or even some group he or she is a part of is acting via a certain persona.

Only he, she and they (often only a few others) really know this, and these others cannot say or point this out.

These terms are not variants of “(I)nc.”