a sphere of influence, a spatial region or conceptual division over which a state or organization,even though wholly unable to understand and maintain so many of its key symbolic systems, has significant cultural, economic, military, or political influence



A colony depends upon those, usually local or specially educated persons who understand and maintain these key symbolic systems.

Biomedicine is one example of such a colony.

My use of the term “colonial” is simply the adjectival derivation of this term.



Understanding the Defensive and Offensive Activities of Biochemical Weapons Research Programs in Relation to Forms of Discrimination: An  Anthropological  Perspective  

[a part of the game Masks in the Sun, developed in 2002, unpublished]

A great deal of work among anthropologists continues to concern the social nature of categories and forms of activity in and through which groups define and distinguish themselves from other groups.  These categories and forms of activity, often varying between social groups, include those of gender, kinship, race, ethnicity, nationality, and so on.  Most important to the subject addressed here, Anthropology has also shown that social and biological differences or similarities between human groups cannot be separated. The reason for this is that geographic, linguistic, historical and sociological categories and forms of activity make up the basis upon which biological research on humans is undertaken.



(Military) Anthropology  and Discrimination: An Anthropological  Perspective

[a part of the game Masks in the Sun, developed in 2012, unpublished]

Military anthropologists and other groups similar to them such as soldiers, psychological operations people, intelligence professionals, or arms industry workers, are not natural but rather cultural groups.

Like military anthropologists themselves, the target groups towards which their work is directed are primarily cultural.  This fact holds even where their targets are the living bodies, houses and other forms of livelihood.



Vulnerable States

[a part of the game Masks in the Sun, developed in 2010, unpublished]


The Rapid Ethnographic Assessment Program

[a part of the game Masks in the Sun, developed in 2010, unpublished experiment]


K Letter 

[a part of the game Masks in the Sun, developed in 2011, unpublished]


Commodity Cosmos

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Maynooth Piece

[a part of the game Masks in the Sun, developed between 2005 and 2007, and performed in 2007 at theNational University of Ireland (Maynooth)]