The AQHSP was a nonprofit entity developed under consultation with Columbia University’s Law School. Walker was at that time finishing a year working as a researcher Columbia’s Harriman Institute. This work came out of inspirations developed among German and Eastern European lawyers and legal scholars and a subsequent trip to Kant’s “hometown” of Kaliningrad.

Under the auspices of AQHSP Walker traveled to Kosovo where he taught a class on Bioethics. Interweaving the German philosophers Kant, Husserl and Brecht, Walker continued  inserting a different and odd kind of discourse into international affairs arenas. Some of this work was an extension of his experimental presentation at Harriman on the subjects of fertility and its control as a key thinking through US – German – Russian relations.

This work led him further into the New York Albanian community and via these connections to writing policy for the US Presidential campaign of Wesley Clark.