205 is a slow-burning, experimental performance in the age of social media. It is an attempt to better understand the enshrinement of oneself, to explore the boundaries between houses and homes, and to ones activity within this space. Shelter and livelihood become intermeshed with language, contemplation, work, and worry. Decoration and situation within a community become tangled up with doing what is right, at the risk of losing one’s place.

This involves confronting where one remains or dies with where one lives, furiously mixing  being alive and being dead until neither exists for the one mixing.

Through his assimilation into both CJL and then SBL, Walker learned the Cause of 205 was (the control of) sacrifice.

The key challenge of this project, of transforming ourselves and others via the State itself, is to resist acting on behalf of historical causes, to resist using biography, historiography, and developmental psychology. One also needs to resist acting on behalf of practical causes. In doing this, one needs to act on behalf of applied causes, learning from practical work and then looking to derive truth from it by creating various things.